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Taking the ELI Assessment took me less than 30 minutes and the information I gained in the hour debrief with Laura was exceeded my expectations.   I have a great life, but there was something that felt a little off that I couldn’t put my finger on.  Going through the assessment with Laura enabled put into words what I unable to explain to myself.  Sometimes another person can look at your life and see what you cannot.   I recommend that anyone who wants to quickly see what is stopping them go through this process with Laura.

Chelsea Moser

Founder & CEO at Solamar Marketing Agency

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am skeptical when it comes to assessments but I highly recommend taking the ELI assessment and having the debrief with Laura.  When I heard how this had helped others, I was intrigued enough to give it a try even though I still was not convinced it would help me.  I was completely surprised, when during my session with Laura I had a big breakthrough.  It was an eye opening moment that changed my actions in  business and more importantly it helped me be a better Dad.

Dave Dee


Laura’s guidance as a coach and mentor has made a big impact on both my personal and professional life.  We began coaching 2 years ago, several months after I got laid-off from my J-O-B that I didn’t like much to begin with.  When I look back over the progress I have made working with her I am amazed and proud of my efforts and growth.  With the help of her coaching and guidance I was able to not only increase my self-esteem and self-awareness, but take on a new profession and turn it into a small business.   She supported me through these life transitions in a unique, insightful and caring way.  I am grateful I decided to coach with Laura because now I feel more connected to my life.

Trish Procetto

Owner, TOURirific Escapes

When I started coaching with Laura, our first spa had been open just over a year and we we were looking for our next location.  The business had consumed me for over two years and was taking a huge toll on me personally.   With Laura’s help, I learned how to put myself back on my priority list and as a result I regained my health and my personal life.  As the business grew, she guided me to create a clearer vision of where we were going and how to get there.  I began to build more structure and support which enabled me to be more proactive.  Most importantly, I started to delegate instead of taking everything on myself.  Typical to being an entrepreneur,  life is still busy but after coaching with Laura I am now better equipped to handle it and live a more balanced life.

Kim White

Owner, WMC Clinic Development Inc.

Coaching with Laura gave me wonderful tools that I now use on a daily basis to help me reach my personal and professional goals. Working together I was finally able to see what was stopping me and find more productive avenues.  Laura helped me find the inner Kelli I had forgotten about and brought her back to life with a new confidence.  As a result I feel more connected to my work and my family too, which is invaluable.

Kelli Delporte

Business Insurance Representative

I started coaching with Laura at a time in my life where I was scattered, overwhelmed with too much do and not enjoying life.  Laura helped me to prioritize and eliminate what was not working and to clarify my focus so I could take actions on the things that would move me forward toward my goals.  Laura is an excellent coach and the results for me were to reach my goals and enjoy my life!

Deborah Sie

Owner, Conscious Business Creation