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What Lights You Up?


Driving down the street during the holidays and seeing the trees glistening immediately boosts my mood.  I wanted to continually surround myself with this feeling so I added a small tree to our bedroom and my office.  It is one of the simple and effective ways I brighten my days with a burst of positive energy.  I find that it is really the little things that make a big difference.

Is there a song that you can’t resist to singing along to, or better yet one that inspires a dance break?  Do you have a inspirational or calming CD you can pop in between shopping stops or when you find yourself sitting in traffic?  Would a holiday movie help relax you as you wrap all those presents?

It can be a busy time of year, which means it is an even more important to find things that help keep you sane.  What lights you up?   What little things make you feel connected and bring you joy?  What will bring you happiness when you are starting to feel stressed?  How can you surround yourself with small triggers that make you smile?

Experiment with something and let me know how it goes!


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